Author Topic: All you need to know about HUG  (Read 1419 times)


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All you need to know about HUG
« on: Thu,05 Oct 2017 am 9:24:43 BST »
This is a new cryptocurrency based on the original Satoshi Bitcoin Core.
It's a new consensus. No more GPU and ASIC!

It's a fair launch!

The project has an investor thus the development has already been paid.
Therefore we don't ask for money from our members, just a full support in making this coin great!
10% of the coins are owned by the investors (100 000 000) and 90% of the coins will be spent on promotions, marketing, services, and bounties.
NodeAddress : HLSpd6rCgjUnbCpjoPu6Fn4eoWNVQb5nAu
My wallet : H8jeVEC2JYx5e9AUx82T6N5XDPD6yKDr1g