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You have a question? We have the answer!
« on: Thu,05 Oct 2017 pm 3:35:08 BST »
Following questions about HUG have been asked by people on different crypto communities :
(This list will be updated on a regular bases.. new ones will always appear on top)

I can't seem to find a hug.conf file on my computer after installing the wallet
no worries, you can create a simple notepad document and place it within the HUG wallet folder. Add following line in it : "" . Rename this file to hug.conf and restart your wallet.

Can i use VPS run multi node ?
If you use different computers to each VPS and all VPS have independent internet connection, then of course, it's possible. The goal is large and stable HUG network. This is the reason why we  don't accept multiple node running from the same hardware that uses the same internet connection. If the hardware or internet goes down it will result in a lot of nodes to go down also.

Does the node payout happen automatically? Just curious because my node crossed 500 but no payout.
At this time the payment is done manualy, but it is foreseen to have it done automaticly soon.

Does our Online Node Explorer refreshes automatically? If so, how many minutes for it to refresh?
There's an automatically update of the spreadsheet every 5 minutes. There is a 500 HUG minimum for them to generate payment. If the threshold is not reached, it accumulates towards next day payout and so forth until it is reached. It then goes into an automated system for payment.

what is the total number of HUG token?
The total number of coins is 1,000,000,000

Is there already an agreement with some exchanges?
There is no agreement yet with an exchange program. Of course, this is the plan, but it's a half-baked coin, yet. We need to build it. it will probably be a decentralized exchange, built into the HUG blockchain. Accesible trough the wallet.

How do we know that wallet doesn't contain a virus that steals other wallets and passwords we hold?
The odd pattern of sending and receiving data that miners follow always makes antivirus software suspicious. Even the official bitcoin software drives Microsoft security essentials nuts. This is antivirus software doing bad stuff like it normally does. With names assigned to it like "Win32/Spy.CoinBit.E", and "PUA.Tool.Ufasoft.BitCoinMiner" the antivirus companies have specifically added guiminer to their antivirus software list. PUA = Potentially Unwanted Application, because Bitcoin mining software can be covertly installed on someone's computer, and you would want to be alerted if you didn't know it was there (but certainly not to have it auto-deleted, a lot of people have lots of stuff on their computers that AV software wants to delete, but these programs work just as intended and are not viruses or trojans). If you don't trust it, run the wallet on a virtual machine

It might be a silly question, but how to mine ?
You don't have to mine the coin. You just have to leave the wallet online. You can earn a HUG each 5 minutes, just by keeping the wallet open.

What's the Algoritm for this token?
This is a new algorithm that has never been used before. It's a secret, yet.
Here is a little information: No extra energy is needed. 100% resistant to ASIC. 100% GPU-resistant. 100% CPU-Friendly.

Fair launch?100% premine ---> (10% of the coins remain in the investors (100 000 000) and 90% of the coins will be spent on promotions, marketing, services, and bounties) Algo is a secret... It seems not so fair...
We're creating new consensus. This new consensus will be different than all the others. The 100% premine is part of the system and you can't buy these coins. Each bounty will be public.
Fair launch = every community member has the same rights to get some coin, so if you want to receive HUG coins then you play same rules than all the other members. We will share all information, but not yet. If the community gets bigger, then we will release more and more details. If we release all the informations before this coin is well known, then this would be unfair for others who join the community later. Therefore we think this way of thinking and acting is fair for all

when will the linux wallet release?
all wallets can be downloaded from the github directory at

Is there a roadmap ?
There is no need for a roadmap at this time, because we are not looking for investors. we do not want money for HUGs

What about a faucet with more free HUGs?
say no more :

Where can I find the block explorer?
Here it is :

How do I know I have the last version of the wallet?
When downloading from this link, you can be sure you have the latest version: Be sure to have the latest version, older versions will not receive the HUG every 5 min when online. ( If you appear offline you may add "addnode =" to the hug.conf in the wallet directory. Wait  5min to adapt, You should be visible and online. Adding a node can also be done this way :go to debug window ---- > Console, Type "addnode onetry"  . To check your node, type "getpeerinfo"

My wallet is open, but I appear to be offline in the nodelist, and I did the thingie with the .conf file without success
If you want to support the HUG network, you must allow inbound connections. Computers connected directly to the Internet usually don’t require any special configuration. Home connections are usually filtered by a router or modem. HUG wallet will request your router automatically configure itself to allow inbound connections to port 11111.  Unfortunately many routers don’t allow automatic configuration, so you must manually configure your router. You may also need to configure your firewall to allow inbound connections to port 11111. Another way if you add "" line to hug.conf file and restart the wallet because this start the outbound connections.

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