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Author Topic: Fixing the "Cannot connect to best block" error when opening the HUG wallet  (Read 599 times)


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Hi huggers,

Some of you encountered the problem of the popup containing the error : cannot connect to best block
For some reason this error occurs when the wallet has not been opened for a certain amount of days.
Now, we are looking into it to fix it, but in the meantime this error can be solved like this :

0. Be sure the wallet is not open (read: the wallet error popup is not visible, so no running HUG wallet processes)
1. Browse the fhe folder AppData\Roaming\hug on your computer
2. backup the wallet.dat file somewhere.
3. Delete all files & folders within this folder. So you end up with an empty HUG folder in your appdata location.
4. Open the HUG wallet the way you always do.
5. Copy the saved wallet.dat file back by overwriting the newly created one in the HUG folder.

This should fix the problem.
You only need to be patient because the blocksyncing has to catch up again..

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