Author Topic: We need your support !  (Read 690 times)


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We need your support !
« on: Wed,11 Oct 2017 pm 2:58:22 BST »
To all members,

To make HUG a success and to convince people to believe in this project we need all the help & support we can get.
So.. may we ask all our members to spread the HUGS (read: the message arround HUG, not necessarily your own earned hugs offcourse) as much as possible.
We're thinking about Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Instagram, Reddit,... The more people we reach to bigger we'll grow !

Many of you wonder what HUG is all about, well.. it's different than any other alt-coin out there.. maybe that's what makes it hard to believe that this is not a scam or this project could be succesful.
All projects eventually make it to the top if they get enough supporters behind it.

Some stats untill now :

111 members >> people who subscribed to this community
139 shared nodes (37 online) >> people who installed the wallet and shared their nodeaddress to enlarge the nodelist

So, based on these numbers we can use a lot more supporters for this community.

Together we can make great things happen, don't let this project die !

Tnx in advance !

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Re: We need your support !
« Reply #1 on: Thu,26 Oct 2017 pm 6:28:03 BST »
Is it going to be listed on any exchanges?
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Re: We need your support !
« Reply #2 on: Thu,26 Oct 2017 pm 7:54:41 BST »
Is it going to be listed on any exchanges?

I'm thinking about it. We working on the wallet built-in exchange, but the community could  vote the HUG to an exchange. That's just an idea ;)
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Re: We need your support !
« Reply #3 on: Wed,22 Nov 2017 am 12:55:56 GMT »
glade to this forum!
hope the project success!
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